Frail and corroded
I stand by myself
Drunk eyes and misty words
Blanket me from the world
In my own heat I melt
Melt I will
Oh, yes I will
Flow into cracks and holes
I hide. I hide.


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Everybody loves in a different way. Everyone’s different. Everybody is capable of love, weather it is to give or to take. You cannot compare a love of a three year old with the kind of love your husband has for you, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love you at all. The degree of love one has for you is not upto you. You should just be happy that they even love you at all. People might love you a great deal but are scared shit about it, they don’t show. Some people might love you less, but are such “Gerard Butler in p.s I love you” about it. 

How you accept my love is upto you, I cant do, I wont do anything about it. My job is to love you with all my capabilities and strengths, and that is it. How you take is all on you, I cannot control how you accept it, I cannot force you to accept my feelings for you the way i would. Life is all about give and take but how much we give or take is for no one to decide but you and only your pretty little head. Don’t judge my love for you because you don’t see it as often as you would like, I don’t have to prove my love for you everyday or every min of every day, that’s on you. Don’t ruin the innocence of my love for you with your high expectations, there is only so much that i can do.

It is a sad life, it is a complicated life, It is a beautiful life, It is your life and I am a part of it, weather you like it or not, weather you acknowledge it or not, weather you feel me around as much as you want, or not. 

You may think you’re weak, but how i see you I have never seen anybody so strong, because my love for you unlike your love for yourself is not clouded with doubts. You might think your ugly but it is my love for you that see’s no scars, no flaws. I think your beautiful, even when you eat the food right of the floor because you believe in the 5 second rule, even when we don’t agree on most things, my love you will remain the same.

I will love you with all my scars and my broken nails, my dry lips and my crazy eyes, my tattoos and my voice. Don’t doubt my love for you because you never loved yourself enough.


Roger the dog.


So, Nala just introduced me to this amazing site called the Thought catalog and there were so many posts about things you should do before 25, 24, 15,16 and so on, and i honestly enjoyed reading all of them, they were so accurate and funny that i decided to write one on my own. Things you shouldn’t do but you probably will before you turn 21.

1. SAY NO.

ok so if you’re staying in an apartment and some of your friends decide to come over anytime after 8pm, Please say No. Three people will turn into nine and then fifteen and then your house will be filled with people you don’t know about and probably too drunk to remember and by the end of the night you’ll be spitting chalk and breaking eggs on peoples head, and don’t even get me started on the morning after it will probably come with a bad ass hangover and skid marks.


I know it sounds perfect, but trust me. Its not. No matter how perfect you think it will be, it will turn out to be a mistake. You will end up getting comfortable too fast too soon, and will probably end up losing your virginity and your will to log into Facebook ever again. (p.s- Nala, please stop laughing).


Trust me, I know it sounds really cool. ITS NOT. you will end up drawing weird stuff on your notebook and drooling because you slept while drawing something weird on your notebook. And never confuse the sexy messy hungover look they show in movies. You WILL look like shit.


ok people, pregnancy is not as funny and adventurous as they show in katherine heigl movies, it is scary and disgusting and painful and probably kill you, specially when you’re still a kid. It might feel great doing it without one for a while, but a baby coming out of your vagina won’t. Always use protection. Be safe and sexy.


Ok, I know it looks good on t.v, But it won’t on you. Cheap streaks ESPECIALLY the red colour which is oh-so-popular with college freshmen and school girls. WE GET IT GIRLS, YOU LOOK COOL, lets wait for the dirty bleached blonde hair to start showing now, shall we?


Never be the other girl. EVER. the guilt is bad and it probably will spoil the fun of doing it.


So maybe he’s cute and Maybe you like the rebellious rush you get of doing it with that guy again because everybody told you, you shouldn’t and you can’t. You are not Barney Stinson, do not take it as a “Challange-Accepted” situation. You are being plain stupid. This is not “How I Met Your Mother”, but if you go through with it, i will however, turn out to be “How I Didnt Let Your Dad Meet Your Mother”.


ok who am i kidding. 


I know its about things you shouldn’t do but will end up doing, but this is one thing you should DEFINITELY do. Go to a place with your girlfriends, get drunk and pass out on the beach, Go to the mountains, make a bonfire smoke some weed and sip some wine or Go to a place for adventure sports. (Speaking from a personal experience, nothing will give you more pleasure than seeing your friend fall in a rapid during white water river rafting and telling them to “keep breathing!! help is coming” while they are underwater struggling to not die and hold on to the safety rope of the raft. Do i look like Aquaman?). 


It is the most immature and annoying way to deal with things, but then again, everybody at this age is immature and annoying. Try not to get too ‘E’-motional over the internet, be it with your friend or someone you’re dating, its a douchebag move, but then again, we all our just two peas in a pod. Except both the peas are stupid. very stupid.



don’t know why, but these days i see tatted teenagers everywhere, and the best part comes is when you ask them about it and what it means to them, they will tell you heartwarming story about how they went to the tattoo parlor, went through some sketches got an epiphany and then got a symbolic tattoo of a fly on their body. Get inked only when you are sure about what you want and where you want it and what it will mean to you. Tattoos are like kids, Once you have them you can never ignore them (unless you die or like you have money to get laser done, I don’t know man). But take my advice, if you ever get a chance of getting a multicolored naked fairy sitting on a mushroom holding a star tattoo on your back, please slap yourself, say no, and walk away before that naked fairy takes all your dignity away. 



Being a 20 year old is hard, you have nothing but chaos going on in your life at this age, you have no money, no good clothes, and if you are God’s special child, you might even spot a strand of grey hair. Your emotions are all messed up and heightened at this age and your life is dominated by three MAJOR urges - Always horny,  Always Hungry and ALWAYS Sleepy (I call it the HHS syndrome). The last thing you would need is to fall in love, Please don’t do it. But you probably will, and If you have good friends, they will always be there standing behind you to support you, but mainly to make fun of your crappy situation, BUT if you’re really lucky they will come holding a joint, some tea and a one way ticket to ‘I told you so’.



Not sure what to say about this pattern but I’m into it.


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When you were a kid and you were just learning how to swim (or being forced to learn how to, in my case.), do you remember that helpless feeling when you were pushed forcefully in the pool with the idea that the natural instinct of human survival will kick us so hard on our respective backsides and make us paddle and kick just to stay afloat and not drown?, Do you remember being so helpless in that moment, even if we were at the shallow end and it wasn’t so deep, do you remember feeling so lost of all hope and thinking to yourself, “I am going to die, and it will be in this ugly fuck of a swimming costume and the ghosts that live underwater are probably going to eat me”, OK i don’t know if you thought of this, but i remember thinking all of these things. Anyways my point is, life is more or less the same, ONLY sometimes its worse and the pressure to willingly jump into the pool knowing that you don’t know how to swim and obviously don’t have gills is so much more.

It comes in flashes, the feeling of drowning, the feeling of helplessness, it comes in phases so unexpected that it barely gives you any time, to breathe in as much oxygen that we can to survive those scary moments underwater, you don’t have time, and you will probably never have the time to prepare yourself , life is funny like that, and as you grow up you keep going towards the deep end. Your poor, inexperienced self keeps floating towards it, and you cannot do anything about it. Your only option in that moment is to be strong and just keeping pace with the flow, and you will survive. You might be scared and out of breathe but after you’ve conquered it and you’re floating like a boss at the deepest side, you shall own the world, and owning the world comes with its perks, you can then proudly stand on the diving board no matter how high and take a leap, because in that moment you wont have any fears and you’ll be in control (unless you’re afraid of heights, because then this analogy is just useless, whole new different story.)

Anyways, i remember venting on the phone about how life is unfair and talking in random metaphors about how cruel life can be sometimes, and that how nothing makes sense, and then i explained the whole swimming analogy to my father, I know a 20 year old cribbing about life to her dad isn’t the best case scenario, but hey! everybody shouts for their parents when their drowning. Its nice to talk to somebody who has gone through so much more and has experienced things way worse than what i was going through, after i was done talking or rather whining, i heard a giggle on the other end of the phone and a single line which was basically a “cellular” bear hug, which as absurd as it sounds made everything around me calmer,

he said, “If you don’t like to swim, you’ll find another way to survive, you have nothing to worry about. Life, is easy darling”.


Morning tea in a mug like this.. I feel like a wannabe hulk.




In case anyone is not having the best of days, remember that this performance of “Halo” exists.



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So innocent.